Professional interpreters

Perfect Language Services provides trained and highly professional interpreters for a wide range of requirements – both in the UK and abroad.

The need for interpreters throughout the UK is wide ranging and diverse. Interpreters are required in hospitals, prisons, courts and a variety of different business contexts. We offer a flexible and responsive service, so whatever type of scenario you need an interpreter for – we have the right person for your specific requirements.

We maintain a database with detailed information on all of our interpreters, so we will select the ideal professional who has both the superior language skills and exactly the right skill set and industry or sector knowledge for your requirements. Our interpreters are specialists in a range of different areas including government, humanitarian, legal, immigration, business and medical matters.

Face to face interpreting  

Our experienced and highly trained face to face interpreters are available throughout the UK and for overseas requirements such as meetings and seminars.

We understand that you need an interpreter who can step straight into the role, who is objective and calm, even in stressful or pressurised situations, and is fully professional at all times. We also know that good interpretation is not just about understanding the relevant language – it also requires detailed knowledge of the cultural context and nuances, along with specific technical expertise in the relevant sector.

The close proximity and visual contact provided by our face to face interpreters mean that they are the perfect choice for sensitive situations, as well as scenarios where there is a lot of information to be absorbed and translated.

Telephonic interpreting

It is not necessary in every situation to have someone in person to provide interpretation services, so we also offer a flexible service on the telephone. This approach can be used for relaying information and checking facts and is the most cost effective interpretation service that we provide. Telephone interpretation also works well when you are hosting a meeting between two different locations and you need an accurate interpreter to sit in the middle and interprets both ways.

Our interpreters are highly accurate and have been fully trained in telephone scenarios. They are also available at very short notice if you require this service on an emergency basis.

Why choose us for your interpreting services?

There are many great reasons to choose our responsive and professional interpretation services:

  • Our database of interpreters includes a wide range of languages, as well as sector and business know-how
  • We have experts in a range of disciplines such as business, law, medicine and immigration and asylum requirements
  • We provide a swift and responsive service and have interpreters available throughout the UK or on the telephone
  • Accuracy is at the heart of our service
  • Our professional interpreters are fully experienced in dealing with sensitive and confidential matters

For professional interpreting services – get in touch with Perfect Language Services today.

Join us!

Are you an interpreter looking for a new professional challenge with a dynamic team?

Are you an interpreter looking for a new professional challenge with a dynamic team?

Our busy service is in need of professional interpreters with expertise in a range of different languages.

We offer excellent benefits and interesting assignments. If you are an interpreter yourself or know of any interpreters who would be an asset to our team, we would love to hear from you. Please send us your CV. 

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